Financial Coach

The Financial Coach serves as a member of the Life Skills Program. They provide GLR/Love First families with a blueprint to reach financial stability and manage the progress of each family. He/she will communicate with family case managers and coaches as well as other members of each family’s Community Care Team. He/she must be willing to give a 1-year commitment which includes attending meetings to see their families graduate the program. He/she will report to Community Case Manager-Life Skills.

Volunteer to be a Coach

Volunteers that are willing to serve our families and have a desire to share God’s continual grace and love.  They will encourage, motivate, and walk alongside our families helping them to accomplish the goals laid out by the caseworker.   Trainings and support groups will be provided, along with one-on-one  mentoring from the coordinator.

Educational Guide

An Educational Guide is someone who provides a step by step partnership with GLR family who is pursuing the Grace Like Rain’s Education Pathway Program. The Educational Guide is someone who will help the family process life barriers as they enroll into school. They are individuals who will work to get the family enrolled in classes and help them successfully make it through their first semester. Educational Guides will need to be okay going on campuses or sitting in front of a computer with their assigned family.

Sponsoring Family

Childcare is needed in a variety of ways.  A volunteer may be needed to keep a child in their care during the day and/or overnight with the written approval from the parent or guardian. A Grace Like Rain family may need short term care and assistance in emergency situations. The GLR family will be working with a Family Case Manager and Coach during this time. We also have childcare needs arise when parents begin new jobs and are working hours that their kids aren’t in school. This need will vary pretty regularly.

Are you looking for somewhere to volunteer as a group?

GLR needs groups just like YOU…to come alongside us during our community groups and life skills classes.

  • Help us provide a meal for all those in attendance
  • Help provide childcare for the children while parents are in class.
  • Come engage and build relationships with families
Move-In Crew

The Move-In Crew is for strong individuals and trucks that can be available at a short notice to come and assist us move families into new homes.

Event Volunteers

Each of our events run off of Volunteer power. Each of our events bring different opportunities to volunteer from running games, dispersing/cooking food, check-in, childcare, etc. Please watch our blog/event page to find our upcoming events and what the needs may be.

Life Skills Instructor

This opportunity is for an individual who works well with and without a teamThey have a love for teaching and educating. They also have a passion for loving and caring people. This volunteer reports to Community Case Manager-Life Skills. 

Volunteer Application

Please note: All volunteers will be asked to complete a background check after this application is submitted. *
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