Financial Coach

A Financial Coach is a position that enables you to engage with our Grace Like Rain families in the Faith and Finances Program. Faith and Finances is a 12-week program developed by the Chalmers Center where our families receive practical financial tools grounded in biblical principles. You will commit to attending one of the two Faith and Finances classes offered every Tuesday night for 12 weeks. You may choose from one of two classes each week. Meetings are held at the Serve Denton building.  Attending these classes with your GLR family will make you aware of what your family is learning so that you can encourage them and hold them accountable to meeting their financial goals.  Prior to the 12-week program, you will attend a training session for financial coaches. As a financial coach in this program, you will communicate during the 12 weeks with the family’s case manager and coach who are all part of the family’s Community Care Team. The financial coach position can be a stand-alone volunteer opportunity or can be an additional way for an existing family coach to interact meaningfully with their family on a weekly basis for the 12 weeks.

Volunteer to be a Coach

Volunteers that are willing to serve our families and have a desire to share God’s continual grace and love. They will encourage, motivate, and walk alongside our families helping them to accomplish the goals laid out by the caseworker. Trainings and support groups will be provided, along with one-on-one mentoring from the coordinator. This is typically a 1-2 year commitment where you will communicate with your family on a weekly basis. The communication may be in person, calling or texting and varies anywhere from 1-4 hours per week, depending on the needs of your family as well as your availability.

As of October 2020, Grace Like Rain is actively seeking volunteers for this position.

Educational Guide

An Educational Guide is someone who provides a step by step partnership with GLR family who is pursuing the Grace Like Rain’s Education Pathway Program. The Educational Guide is someone who will help the family process life barriers as they enroll into school. They are individuals who will work to get the family enrolled in classes and help them successfully make it through their first semester. Educational Guides will need to be okay going on campuses or sitting in front of a computer with their assigned family.

Sponsoring Family

Childcare is needed in a variety of ways.  A volunteer may be needed to keep a child in their care during the day and/or overnight with the written approval from the parent or guardian. A Grace Like Rain family may need short term care and assistance in emergency situations. The GLR family will be working with a Family Case Manager and Coach during this time. We also have childcare needs arise when parents begin new jobs and are working hours that their kids aren’t in school. This need will vary pretty regularly.

Are you looking for somewhere to volunteer as a group?

GLR needs groups just like YOU…to come alongside us during our community groups and life skills classes.

  • Help us provide a meal for all those in attendance
  • Help provide childcare for the children while parents are in class.
  • Come engage and build relationships with families
Move-In Crew

The Move-In Crew is for strong individuals and trucks that can be available at a short notice to come and assist us move families into new homes.

As of October 2020, Grace Like Rain is actively seeking volunteers for this position. Please contact Shelly Cullum at to get involved in this area.

Event Volunteers

Each of our events run off of Volunteer power. Each of our events bring different opportunities to volunteer from running games, dispersing/cooking food, check-in, childcare, etc. Please watch our blog/event page to find our upcoming events and what the needs may be.

Life Skills Instructor

This opportunity is for an individual who works well with and without a teamThey have a love for teaching and educating. They also have a passion for loving and caring people. This volunteer reports to Community Case Manager-Life Skills. 

As of October 2020, Grace Like Rain is actively seeking volunteers for this position.

Grocery Shoppers

This opportunity is for an individual who is willing to go grocery shopping and deliver them to a Grace Like Rain family. Groceries will be paid for by Grace Like Rain.

As of October 2020, Grace Like Rain is actively seeking volunteers for this position.

Volunteer Opportunities

As our specific volunteer opportunities changes all the time, we keep this page up to date for you to sign up for what works best for you! Check out the opportunities at the button above! Please check back regularly as new opportunities arise on a regular basis. Thank you for being His hands and feet!

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Golf Tournament Opportunities


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