If you are looking to give back to the community this 2021, Grace Like Rain has lots of new volunteer opportunities for you! Explore the categories below to find something that fits your interest, and email volunteer@glrtx.org with any questions! Grace Like Rain could not do what we do without all of our amazing and generous volunteers who dedicate their time to serving our organization and breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness. If you need a New Year’s Resolution – we think we can help you: start volunteering this 2021!

Wheeler House Shelter Volunteer Needs:

  • Birthday Celebrations – Coordinate small monthly birthday parties for all children in the program.
    • Develop a budget for monthly birthday celebrations
    • Purchase birthday items with a provided gift card (decorations, cupcakes, balloons, birthday gift, gift bag, napkins, plates, etc.).
    • Decorate for the party 
    • Attend the party (if available)
  • Develop Family Fun Nights – Plan Family Fun nights for our families in Wheeler House!
    • Develop themes
    • Create list of activities (movie night, games, etc.)
    • Purchase supplies for fun night (popcorn, pizza, etc.)
  • Develop Outdoor Activities for Children
    • Create fun, interactive outdoor activities for children in a large backyard and play area
    • Purchase supplies for activities as needed
  • Organization
    • Take inventory and organize Shelter donations
    • Organize Shelter Pantry and Storage area

Life Skill Volunteer Needs 

  • Childcare Volunteers: One time Event Volunteers and Weekly Volunteers during FAF and Parenting sessions.
  • Meal Volunteers: provide dinners and meals (Grab and Go Bags) until COVID lifts. Tuesdays and Wednesday nights.

Coaching Needs

  • Family Coaches: Encourage, motivate, and walk alongside our families to help them to accomplish goals laid out by the caseworker. Trainings and support groups will be provided, along with one-on-one mentoring from the coordinator. Typically a 1-2 year commitment where you will communicate with your family on a weekly basis, requiring anywhere from 1-4 hours per week, depending on the needs of your family as well as your availability.
  • Financial Coaches: Engage with our Grace Like Rain families in the Faith and Finances Program. Faith and Finances is a 12-week program developed by the Chalmers Center where our families receive practical financial tools grounded in biblical principles. You will commit to attending one of the two Faith and Finances classes offered every Tuesday night for 12 weeks. You may choose from one of two classes each week.