This is my story

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Krystal Blog Post-Story God had plans for my family the day He sent Grace Like Rain to me. As a single, homeless mother of three young girls(1,4, & 9), I found myself in tears wondering how I got myself into this mess! I was tired of dealing with everything life had been throwing at me & definitely couldn’t answer the questions my daughters would ask about where we were going to sleep. It was overwhelming to say the least. A kind police officer heard of my situation and made several calls that day. I’ll never forget his kindness! Kara with GLR showed up and put my family in a hotel.

Then, Michelle & GLR helped me find a temporary, but safe housing option for my girls. In the months I was there I was able to focus on bettering our situation. My coach, Amanda sat down with me and helped me come up with my plan and set goals. GLR paid for my GED. I moved out on my own when I was sixteen years old and had been telling myself since then that I’d get it done. Well, no more excuses! Thanks to GLR, I finally got my GED!

Grace Like Rain provided me with gas cards everytime I had job interviews. They helped supply diapers and wipes for my baby when I was still looking for work and not able to afford them myself. They also donated a car to me so I could continue to focus on my goals. They provided counseling to me so I could get everything out that I’ve gone through in life. I didn’t realize how much that helps but it definitely does! GLR helped pick up my daughters from daycare when my youngest was sick and I couldn’t leave work because I had to be reliable for the company I had just started with. When I got hired at my company, GLR sat down with me and made new goals and helped me budget so I could continue to be successful.

I’m so very thankful to the many people who gave and continue to give from the kindness of your heart! Its because of people like YOU working as a team to help families like mine that I was able to get back on track in my life for my girls! I’m grateful for Grace Like Rain coming into my life that day! We all need a little help sometimes in life, my family needed a lot! Grace Like Rain gave us everything we needed and helped me continue to have faith in God’s timing!