As of May 2019, Grace Like Rain was blessed with the opportunity to create a Shelter space in partnership with Serve Denton through The Wheeler House.  The Wheeler House allows for a safe refuge for families that are walking through the immediate need of homelessness and are typically staying in their cars, hotels or often places that are not habitable. With The Wheeler House, Grace Like Rain has been able to manage the transitional housing portion of The Wheeler House, which can serve 4 families at a time for 3-6 months as well as manage the short-term housing portion of The Wheeler House, that can serve 3 families at a time for up to 4 weeks.

This program serves as an immediate solution for families who need emergency housing and allows families to engage and participate in the Case Management Program of Grace Like Rain. Through case management, Grace Like Rain is able to work individually with each family on assessing their need for stability, housing and any potential barriers that the family may be needing assistance with in order to get them to stability. Often when families come into the Shelter, they may be lacking basic necessities and are in need of items while they are in the shelter.