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The Faces of Grace

By September 7, 2016 No Comments

If you haven’t had a chance to meet this hardworking momma and her sweet, adorable babes, you are missing out!  This ministry is impacting real people and changing real lives.  Read below about how GLR has touched this family.

“Hello, my Name is Daisha. I’m 21 years old.  My oldest daughter’s name is Annya.   She’s 5,  and my two youngest are twins Adrian and Audriana they are 1.

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Annya likes to talk a lot and ask questions.  She loves arts and crafts and watching DIY videos on YouTube and going shopping .
Audriana she’s a little tough cookie lol.  She likes to color and dance to ANY song that comes on. She also enjoys the pool.
Adrian likes to go outdoors.  He loves sports and running around screaming.   He also loves animals and having a good time no matter where he is at.
I plan on going to school to get my LVN license the transfer to RN then eventually get my masters.   I really want to work in the NICU with the babies ! And later on maybe as a case manger.
Grace Like Rain has helped me out SO much with Babysitting, Jobs , research on things, stuff for the kids and myself.   I really appreciate everything that everybody that’s involved with GLR has done and is still doing.   They are all like family to me.”