There are so many areas that we help parents in or that a parent may need further help and skills in that we can use all talents. I know that I have been blessed with knowing a bunch of women who had talents in so many areas and who taught me. I am becoming more and more drawn to the fact that generational curses talked about in the Bible are so different than I thought. I believed that these curses where some kind of mystical evil that brought essentially misfortune to that family. Today, I believe that these “curses” are not mystical at all. Rather it is a pattern of knowledge carried from one generation to another for the simple reason that the parent does not know how to teach their child anything more than their own experiences, and the child when becoming an adult simply does not have the information to perform a basic skill or function to live a free and abundant life.


In today’s world, that is not very comforting. How many of us know that much about our friends, neighbors or coworker? How many of them are truly comfortable sharing their struggles with us? Often we only share our strengths. We do not want anyone to see our weaknesses. We want to seem like we have it all together. For the simple fact that we are afraid of our weaknesses and unwilling to share, we are unable find a solution. For those of us who have learned about finances, saving and budgeting (thank you Dave Ramsey), loss of job is not as life-altering. For those of us who have organizational skills, it is not hard to find a document to get what we need. For those of us who have a community, we have somewhere to turn when times are hard and stressful.
Imagine what it must be like in the eyes of another group. In most low-income families, they are so busy trying to provide for their families that they do not feel that they have the time or energy to form a community or acquire a new skill. Providing a roof over their child’s head and food for them to eat is the top priority. They may not have a partner to share in their workload at home. They must cook the meal, tutor the kids and provide all the love and care for their children after an exhausting day of work, and after the kids are in bed, they must prepare for the next day, take care of any bills and make sure that the house in some semblance of order.

Building up a community or learning a new skill is a pipedream. It would be nice, but well priorities first right? Trying to learn to budget after never having learned this is a struggle they are trying to build on their own, and they have no one who can help them learn and hold them accountable. When that parent loses a job or an unplanned pregnancy changes the parent’s ability to provide… They lose their job and, with it, their means to provide for their family. Who can they turn to?
This is where someone like you can come in. Do you have a special talent or gift? Do you know how to find for the best deals to stretch your family budget? Have you learned to overcome a horrible situation? Can you talk to people and make them feel included? Do you make your own house cleaner, cook amazing meals, have a unique way of connecting with God or have a way with words? You have a gift or talent. Will you let God use yours?


Join us and help teach this to others. I will tell you that these people are not so different from you. They just have no teacher. They want better for themselves and their families and want their children to have more. Consider what the gift of your talent would be to them. I have found that there is real love and joy in doing something that you were created to do and ask that you join our community. You may not have every day available or you may be a stay at home mom with children in tow. Your gift can still be used.