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Something Bigger than Yourself

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I used to think community was more of a formal clique. I figured that those people chose to be together and support each other because they were friends and since it’s so hard for me to make friends I’d never have that community support around me. I never pursued it because I figured it wasn’t for me. I started going to a MOMs group at a local church a couple of years ago not looking for community only time out of the house. Man, I was in for an awakening. Not only was I accepted right off, but I was still accepted when people got to know me. I was prayed for when we had thirty days to move out and find a new house with three small kids. I was celebrated with when God provided a house. I didn’t have to go through any of this alone. The community and support made it so much easier to go through the trials God had in store for my family. It was still hard, but knowing I had people praying for me and there for me if I needed anything or if I just needed to whine and complain and have a pity party. They were there.


The more I’ve been in a community of like-minded people the more I see God in it. It’s not something to be taken lightly or made light of. God is in community. His love shines through when others support one another. His grace shines through when a testimony is shared. His mercy shines through in moments of conflict or uncertainty. I’ve seen Christ in my community and it’s only brought me closer to Him. When we are devoted to Christ and live for Him we want to bless others and honestly I can’t think of a better way to bless someone long term than to be there praying for someone and interacting with their life. Taking time out of a busy schedule to be attentive to another human being is such a rewarding sacrifice for all parties.

I’ve mentioned how it impacted me when community helped support me during tough times; I also got to the point where I was comfortable contributing. Several months ago now I gave my testimony in front of twelve people and then posted it in our MOMs group Facebook page. My testimony is one that is easily judged and has sent many “friends” heading for the hills. I felt God calling me to share my testimony regardless of the outcome. Once I gave my testimony I had an outpouring of people thanking me for sharing. THANKING ME! I wasn’t prepared for anyone to love me so truly and Christ like that they could see past my testimony and thank me for sharing. I had several people thank me for encouraging them to share their testimony whether publicly or not. Although me sharing my testimony was very intimidating, I’d share it a thousand times over again in hopes that it’d bring someone closer to Christ and closer to community. I hope that sharing my struggles helped others see they aren’t alone. We don’t need to struggle in silence. None of us are perfect, but we can strive to be Christ like together keeping each other accountable and heading for Christ.

The problem most people have with getting involved with a community is the dedication to time. It’s hard especially in today’s world to dedicate time to other people that aren’t our family. It’s hard to commit that every week, every month, every other Tuesday etc. we will be vulnerable and full of grace with others. It’s really hard to say we will be there when we want to have a pity party at home (I’m guilty of this A LOT) instead of trying to see past myself and bless others. It’s a decision. It’s a decision to follow Christ and to be supportive beyond our own selfish desires and wants. It’s a decision to be Christ like when we feel like hating everyone. I can promise you the decision is worth it.

This is an example of Christ in a community and how He blesses us when we bless each other. God moves through community and whatever sacrifice you think it might take, the blessings far outweigh them.–Guest Post from a Mom in the Denton community.

Would you consider volunteering to Grace Like Rain to provide community to families that don’t have one?

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