Grace Like Rain’s Rise with Grace case management program is a seven-phase program with checkpoints along the way. Success for our families is individualized within the context of a defined framework, and our coaches and case managers work tirelessly to support our families in defining, chasing, and achieving their goals. Each family in our Rise with Grace program is provided with not only a case manager, but also a volunteer family coach, to provide community, support, and companionship, throughout their journey. If you are interested in becoming a family coach, please email Susan Cousins at


Grace Like Rain was founded on a holistic approach to homelessness, which includes the need for transportation. Our founder, Michelle Conner, recognized that without a job, families could not afford a vehicle, much less a home. Without a vehicle, it is extremely difficult for families to secure a job. Our transportation branch assists families with transportation expenses, driver courses, and ultimately in securing their own vehicle. If you are interested in donating a vehicle, please email Brandon Hindmam at


As a parent, it is often impossible to secure a job if you are unable to cover the cost of childcare services while you are away. This issue worsened with the effects of COVID-19 as many parents were forced to quit their jobs to take care of their children at home during school hours. Inability to afford reliable and quality childcare is one of the most straining issues for parents of young children. Grace Like Rain removes this barrier for our families by partnering with local agencies such as Fred Moore Day Nursery School, covering childcare expenses for our families, and even assisting moms in our program in becoming officially licensed as in home childcare providers. Additionally, we always provide volunteers for childcare during our family events and courses. If you are interested in becoming a childcare volunteer, please email Susan Cousins at

Rental Assistance & Utility Assistance

Many families may be one bill away from eviction, or living in the dark without electricity or heating. When they find Grace Like Rain, we are able to assist them with these living expenses and allow them the opportunity to get back on their feet and avoid the toll of relocating.