To everyone in the state of Texas, we hope you are staying safe and warm. The last week has been trying for everyone, and we hope you can join us as we continue praying for a swift recovery for our state. We are gathering now with other nonprofit and community members to provide immediate assistance, water, and other resources to those in need.

We wanted to remind everyone that as we come out of this temporary struggle, it is not temporary for those in poverty. Living bill by bill, or living through a job loss or major trauma can lead many to find themselves in the same situation we all experienced the past few days: without heat, without water, and without light. The horrors of this week were short-lived for many, but only shed light on the constantly struggle those in poverty face. Access to shelter should not be a privilege, and this is why Grace Like Rain walks along side our families and provides utility and rental assistance services. 

We hope to use this experience as a catalyst to bring awareness and action to the barriers against those in poverty and homelessness. Access to safe shelter is something most of us often take for granted, but for so many throughout the community, it is a luxury that they may not be able to afford. Last year, after the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, Grace Like Rain served 440 families in Denton County with rental and utility assistance.

This year, we hope to continue reaching more families and children in need throughout the community. We experienced first hand the hardships so many are facing every day, and Grace Like Rain wants you to know that you can help.

To donate in support and help us continue helping moreĀ individuals in need after this crisis, please use the button below OR go to our donate page. For any questions regarding volunteer opportunities or involvement, please visit our volunteer page or email volunteer@glrtx.org.