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Power of 10

By October 18, 2016 No Comments

deuteronomy-15_10Giving is hard for me. I grew up in a church and can remember when I was in first grade and I won $10 in

a Sunday school contest. My father trying to teach me to tithe from a young age said that I needed to

give God 10%. As a child who thought that I now had money to get myself a new toy, I could not

understand why the church gave me $10 and expected me to give them a dollar back. I would like to say

that I have become more generous, but that is not exactly true. There are only a couple places where I

have been comfortable giving back. All of these places are places that have extended their hand to me

when I needed help (whether physically, emotionally or spiritually). All of these places I have seen first

and second hand the work that they do.

My church is one of these places, which is honestly shocking to me. This may sound funny, but even

though my father was a pastor, I never saw the church use the funds to help the Church. This is not a

blight on those churches. They may have been helping, but I did not look into it. In my church, I have

seen them bless the single moms by giving them $100 gift cards in one service (a gift that brought a dear

young friend of mine to tears) or giving each pastor $1000 to go out into the community and the videos

of what they did with that money (the people brought to tears when their prescription or groceries

where paid was just inspiring). I have been able to receive the counselling of the pastors and have been

able to go with them into the community to places like low income nursing homes and minister to those

people there. My church gave me a chance to participate in their ministry, to be a part of something I

believed in and I was in turn happy to give.

dollar-499481_960_720That is what we are hoping to do now. By now, you have seen our Power of 10 campaign and have seen

how a gift of just $10 is used to bring hope to many struggling families, but we are also hoping that you

can be a part of it. By volunteering with us, you will be able to step into the lives of moms and dads and

walk with them. By volunteering with us, you will get to see how your money is used. It is easy for me to

want to give more after experiencing the joy that comes with working with these families. It has been

awe-inspiring to see how God has provided each time we need something. He has brought people

together to show God’s love and grace to these families and once you experience that you can only

come away with tears in your eyes thanking God for the blessings that He has provided and the

community in which you live.

So come be a part of our growing ministry! See God work. It is amazing! It is humbling and it is an

experience that you will not be able to forget. Experience the joy of being God’s hands and feet. See

what happens to your gift and be a part of something that touches the community you live in, and you

will get to experience the awesome power of God first hand.