“I love you guys. I really appreciate everything you guys have done for my family.” Porscha


One goal of Grace like Rain is to help families get back up on their feet. About two years ago, Porscha, her fiance, and three kids came to Grace like Rain in need of help. They had heard of GLR through Porscha’s sister, and reached out. Porscha and her family were all staying in a hotel, running out of money. The average rate for a hotel is $137 a night, for a week that costs around $959, that is a lot of money for any family to be spending.

Grace like Rain helped Porscha’s family rent a house within the first year and get financially back up on their feet. Through GLR, the family’s relationship with Christ has grown a lot, they are going to church on Sundays, when they aren’t working, and overall has become a more spiritual family. Porscha said that her kids have been impacted by learning things like how to share. She shared that the biggest benefit of GLR is being able to have a fresh start and stable ground. Porscha and her family have moved into their own place to rent, and because of Grace like Rain, they are now looking at buying their own house in 2018.

It is amazing how much Porscha and her family have been impacted by love and support and guidance, in only two years. When we asked Porscha what she thought her future with Grace like Rain was she responded “One day I hope that I could work with other moms to help them get to the point I am at.” Think of the impact that could be made if the families that were helped by GLR, came back and helped guide and support other families going through a similar situation that they did. There would be a cycle of love and support, and it all starts with a group of people through Grace like Rain, opening its arms and showing God’s love.

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