Over the last year, our team has seen the extreme need for affordable housing for our families.  In October of 2016, at our 1st gala, Michelle talked briefly about a dream of a community village that God had shown her. It is a BIG dream and requires a lot of faith and prayer. We are united and believing God and asking Him for BIG things!  

To give you a few more numbers to see the need for a village like this:

of our expenses go directly

toward our families

of that goes toward

housing assistance

of that goes toward

child care

Housing and child care are 2 of our greatest areas of need and the vision of the GLR Community Village will greatly help to alleviate both of these.

The dream is to have a place where our families can come to live for a year or two while they work to get back on their feet.  It will be a place of healing and restoration through the relationships that will be built within the community and GLR volunteers.  The GLR families will have a place to call home and a community to lean on when needed.  It will provide for the practical needs of affordable housing and childcare along with the emotional and spiritual needs also.


  • A long farmhouse table with families gathering around sharing a meal and telling stories of both joy and heartache.
  • A kitchen full of women gathered around cooking and learning and sharing recipes and stories.
  • The kids playing on the playground and the joy and laughter.
  • The family dog visiting all the homes and the kids.
  • Chickens and fresh eggs and kids at the excitement of it all.
  • Gardens full of fresh veggies and children planting seeds and watching with awe and amazement at God’s beauty and glory in its growth.
  • Volunteers fill the community with more love and joy.

In 2016, about 2 weeks before our first gala, I was driving and dreaming about the community village vision.  I was praying for someone to take the vision out of my head and put it on paper and the Holtman’s name came to mind.  I reached out to Mary and Matthew and asked for a meeting.  At that meeting, I shared my vision and asked them to take some time and pray and see if this was something they would like to be a part of.  Matthew Holtman had just opened Holtman Designworks, a commercial architecture firm in Argyle and he immediately said YES!  So with a few weeks to go, he drew up amazing drawings of this dream.  Over the last year, he has been an instrumental piece of the team dreaming of this village.

We have included this video so you can hear from Matthew and Michelle directly.

*Be sure to turn the volume on*


God has done some HUGE things in the first year of this ministry; He is most definitely in control!  GLR is praying and believing for $750,000 to purchase land and begin building the Community Village.  Until God provides this next piece of the puzzle, we will continue to dance through the storms of this world being washed by God’s grace like rain!

If you would like to be a part of Grace Like Rain by giving financially, you can click here. If you know of land or would like to be a part of the team to make this community happen, please email us.  And most of all PRAY, ask God to show up in BIG ways.  This is God’s community.

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