Have you ever been through something or had an experience in your life that you never wanted to relive again? I can be the first to raise my hand on that question. I spent 10 years in college and each year I was poor, praying that the lord would make ends meet and many times it wasn’t until the very last minute that a door would open for peace in whatever area my need was in. I would seek counsel and they would say to me “Keep going, Felicia, it won’t always be like this.” In 100% transparency, It was really hard for me to hear those words when I felt like life was drowning me and all I wanted to do is take a deep breath of air. Even in my temporary insanity I heard their wise counsel and I vowed to myself that when I got to a point of financial stability I was NEVER going back! And so, my financial learning began.

Financial learning is so important for anyone because it teaches us how money should be used, how the lord views money, and how you should view not only your money but, also yourself. For GLR families it encourages them to dream and for many of them, dreaming has never been an option.

Grace Like Rain will now offer Faith and Finances starting January 2020. Faith and Finances will be used as a tool to help our families understand their money which will bring them out of continual survival/crisis mode. This frees up space that they can begin to reflect a future and not the inconsistencies that surrounds them.

You may be asking.  “What does Faith and Finances teach?” and let me say I’m so glad you asked!!

Faith and Finances focuses on 4 Core Objectives:

  1. Laying the foundation for Financial Literacy
  2. Setting Goals and Budget Building
  3. Integrating Sound Practices into Budgeting
  4. Protecting Assets and Considering Net Worth


Our hope is to bring awareness to each family as we know that having the opportunity to learn, changes an individual worldview. We want to encourage them to dream big in which they discover and motivated to move forward in life.



GLR is currently looking for volunteers to serve in many ways.

Financial Coaching

Provide and Serve Dinner

Help with Childcare

If any of these areas spark something in you please email Felicia Smith: fsmith@glrtx.org.