Grace Like Rain shares stories of inspiration, hope, love, and transformation, every single day. Our dedicated staff work alongside families and witness truly miraculous accomplishments and changes. For staff, it is never a question of why we do what we do – we see the impact, the progress, and the significance. The impact is life changing for us as well. But for our March of Monthly Giving, we wanted to come to you and share some of the treasures of our own experiences as staff. It is often easy to get disconnected from the true purpose and shared goal or an organization – but we wanted to remind you how much your gift matters. We work every day to change lives, and we could not begin to do this without the generosity of our supporters, and the grace of God making it all possible.

The miracles and inspiring moments of this job are our WHY. We hope that in sharing our stories this month, we will also be sharing our WHY with you. Our goal for the month of March is to welcome 20 new monthly givers to help us work towards more miracles in the lives of families, and continue breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness. We have only 17 givers left to go, and we hope that as you continue to see our why you will also share our passion for the cause. 20 people giving just a little, will go a long way towards the greater impact. Grace Like Rain aims to continue to share stories and impact to help inspire the community towards share support. We are stronger together, and we thank each and every one of you for listening, following, and supporting us in our journey thus far.

To hear more about this campaign, visit our social media (or check them out below) where staff will be sharing their stories throughout the rest of the month! Sign up here to become our next Life Changer, and help us be one step closer to our March of Monthly Giving Goal.

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Michelle: CEO & Brandon: Case Manager
Sherri: Shelter Case Manager
Megan: Housing Relief Director