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Look at All God has Done!

By October 18, 2016 No Comments

I have personally seen God many times throughout the story of the sweet family of 7 that we are serving.  From the beginning, I have known that God placed this family in the GLR family for a reason.  It hasn’t been easy or pretty the entire time!

We took on this family quickly over Labor Day weekend.  I most definitely did not do all the research and leg work I should have done before we began sponsoring.  Our sweet mom had 5 kids and 1 on the way. Her and the baby’s health were at risk, and she needed to be on bedrest ASAP.  I saw a need  and did everything I could to fill it.  God orchestrated what we thought was supposed to be a 2 week hosting so that we could get these kids in a couple homes and mom in the hospital.
Quickly, we began to realize that there was more to the situation than we had originally thought….there usually is.  The sponsoring was going to last longer than anticipated and there were some behavioral concerns with one of the children.  Not everything was disclosed as fully as it should have been on our intake interview.  I definitely do not fault mom though, she was scared and out of options.  She needed help and was going to do everything possible to keep her babies in a safe place.
After a week or two, we made some changes and the kids began to settle a little.  These kids know how many, many people loving them and praying for them.  We were pouring all we had into getting them the services, love and support that they needed.  After about 3 weeks mom delivered the sweet baby boy much earlier than expected.  Both mom and baby were doing great!  He is a miracle baby.
Grace Like Rain was then faced with a bigger situation.  Mom and kids had no where to go when she was released.  She had 2 options, go back to the area she had come from which was too far away for us to continue to work with them or stay in this area and continue with GLR.  We would help her to find a place to live and offer rent assistance, along with mentoring for her and the kids, training, love, support, etc….. After much prayer, I had released this sweet family to God and I asked Him to work out His will in their lives.  I was ready to say goodbye and let them go back to their comfort zone.
When faced with this decision, the sweet momma, chose GLR!  She chose to step outside her comfort zone and make the commitment to make a better life for her and her kids!  Praise the Lord!  GLR gets to continue to be His hands and feet to this family.
We were still facing 2 rather large obstacles:
1. Getting one of the children the help they needed.
2.  Finding a place for them to live.
God came through in BIG ways for both:
1.  Without going into too much detail, we had been turned away from getting the child help multiple times. 1 particular night, we were at the end of ourselves and we had been turned away twice.  I literally threw my hands in the air and said, “I don’t know what else to do…God, please help!” And 5 minutes later, the same doctor who had turned us away, changed his mind!  PTL, she was going to get the help she needed.
2.  We still needed housing and were hitting walls in every direction.  Mom did not have a job yet therefore no one wanted to rent to her even with our support.  Last Monday, after  a long weekend and day of searching and calling….I once again threw my hands in the air, “God, if this is your will, help us find a way?”  and once again, 10 minutes after, I received the phone call that lead to the house that we moved this family into on Saturday. climbing-the-tree-2
Within a few days, I watched our community step up in ways that are inspiring and overwhelming. Thanks to a loan from a GLR founding family, we were able to pay a full year of rent upfront so that we don’t have to worry about the credit issue. We furnished and set up an entire house within 5 days. And to top all of this off, baby boy was set to be released on Sunday, the day after the family moved in and 3 weeks earlier than scheduled. God’s timing……tw-joy
I could go on and on how God has showed up in this families life! He definitely had a plan for them to be a part of the GLR family!  I have learned and grown so much and I think many others will say the same thing!  He is not finished with their story or ours but I am grateful that He brought this family to us!  My heart is so full of joy and love that I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be for such a time as this!  praying4