Our Life Skills courses offer families and children the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance in ways that may not have been available to them through traditional educational institutions. These courses are also an important source of community for our families to share and collaborate. To sign up as a hospitality or childcare volunteer for our Life Skills Courses, go here.

The Parenting Group

In The Parenting Group, we will create a community of support and learning. We will be introduced to what it truly means to be an active parent. Throughout our course we will discuss: how to achieve cooperation and communication, how to teach responsibility, how to implement effective boundaries and appropriate discipline, how to build courage and self esteem in ourselves and in our children, and when and how to redirect misbehavior. We will also discuss tactics for assisting children in success at school and communicating the risks of substance abuse and violence.

Faith and Finances

Our Faith & Finances 8 week course teaches parents the guidelines to financial literacy and savings. We focus on 4 core areas:

  1. Laying the foundation for Financial Literacy
  2. Setting Goals and Budget Building
  3. Integrating Sound Practices into Budgeting
  4. Protecting Assets and Considering Net Worth

Hear how this course changed the lives of moms in this video.

College Clinic

This clinic connects our Grace Like Rain clients with local universities and informational resources on how to begin or resume their higher education journey. Two parents began their university career in 2020 after attending our Grace Like Rain college clinic and getting connected with local universities and opportunities!

In addition to longer term and recurring courses, Grace Like Rain offers a variety of workshops and classes to our families as we recognize needs arising. Our case managers work to listen to client feedback and address client needs to provide insight into courses or resources that may be beneficial to our families.

Crockpot Cooking
Car Maintenance 101
Refresh Designs

Upcoming Life Skills Classes

BlogLife Skills

Never Going Back

Have you ever been through something or had an experience in your life that you never wanted to relive again? I can be the first to raise my hand on that question. I spent 10 years in college and each year I was poor, praying…
Amy Brock
January 5, 2020
BlogLife Skills

Upcoming Job Fairs 5/17

In the next few weeks, there will be several excited career opportunities becoming available! Please read through them. Most do not have eligibility requirements or registration but some do so look them over. Links have been added to allow you to register and learn more!…
May 17, 2017
Life Skills


Thanksgiving time is such a special time. It’s a time to reflect on all we’ve been blessed with and as Christians it’s a time to reflect and thank God for all He’s provided. There’s always something to be thankful, as cliché as that may sound.…
Angela Houston
November 22, 2016
Life Skills

Giving my gifts

For a long time, I saw myself as someone who had nothing to offer. I had my talents but they were not something that I considered helpful to advancing the Kingdom of Christ. For instance, I love to organize. My husband bought me a P-touch…
Angela Houston
October 25, 2016
Life Skills

1000 Gifts- Practicing being Thankful

I have always loved Thanksgiving. Nothing upsets me more than when I see the news stations focusing more on Black Friday than on Thanksgiving. Its not about the food for me. While I love to cook and eating is always a pleasure, I enjoy what…
Angela Houston
October 25, 2016
Life Skills

Start Small

It’s amazing how our nutrition is SO closely linked to our mental and physical health. As I continue to educate my own self on the importance of eating healthy and moving my body, I can’t help but share it with other men & women who…
Angela Houston
October 18, 2016
Life Skills

Something Bigger than Yourself

I used to think community was more of a formal clique. I figured that those people chose to be together and support each other because they were friends and since it’s so hard for me to make friends I’d never have that community support around…
Angela Houston
August 24, 2016