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Lemme tell ya,

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I am Michelle’s daughter, Mikaelyn. I am her first child, but the second oldest in our family. We  have a pretty big family, I have four siblings and sometimes more. My mom started to be a part of the Safe Families Organization about a year ago. At that point we started inviting other kids into our house.

At first having other kids in our house was an….adjustment but my family knows how to adjust pretty well. Our ability to do so undoubtedly came from our mom. My mom is one of the most kind, empathetic, loving people I know. Her strong passion for kids and the love that radiates around her, has rubbed off on us. I think that part of her passion for single moms and their kids stemmed from her spending three years as a single mom. For the first three years of my life my mom was my only technical parent. Besides my mom I had my grandparents, and a whole support system of family. My mom had resources and networks of people, she wasn’t alone.

img_2667My mom’s organization, Grace Like Rain, truly shows her passion for kids and their moms. Although different at first, inviting kids into our home has become just a way of life. They become apart of the family, including their moms. I feel love for the children and even after they are out of our house, I still find myself thinking about them and checking on them. I can see through myself and through my family that being able to be a part of something like this has allowed us to open ourselves up to culture, love, and faith. God really has found ways to shine his light into my family through my mom who used that light to start Grace like Rain.   img_2655