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How much do you depend on your vehicle??

By August 8, 2016 August 19th, 2016 No Comments

In July, my grandmother gave me this beautiful quilt to raffle and help raise money for Grace Like Rain.


I have been hanging on to it and waiting and praying for the perfect time to debut this raffle.  On Wednesday, Angela, our blog volunteer, debuted my grandmother’s story .
On the day before, our sweet mom that we are working with passed her driving test!  She had been working so hard with the help of many volunteers to accomplish this and she succeeded!
As we have been working with her and her beautiful family, we (being the many volunteers who have helped with driving her, letting her use their car for the test and practice, babysitting of the 3 kids, helping her learn to navigate the bus system, etc…), have realized how much we take for granted the vehicles that we own. Without them, life is WAY more difficult.  Imagine trying to take the bus with 3 young kids to run any errand outside of walking distance.
     Example 1: She walks 20 minutes to the bus stop, then takes at least 20 minutes to get to the location, then about a 10 minute walk to the location, all of this with 3 kids in tow.  She accomplishes her task, registering for school.  Then she has to do it all in reverse.  Mind you it’s 100 degrees outside. She is doing it because she has to.
     Example 2: To interview for a job it takes multiple volunteers to jump in and help. Usually 1 to pick up and watch the kids or drop them off to the babysitter and 1 to take her to the interview. Or she can possibly take the bus if the timing and the routes work to get her there on time.
I tell you these stories to help you understand how much we depend on our vehicles.  Without one, there is just one more obstacle that you have to plan around and hurdle to get anything accomplished. Therefore, GLR is currently searching for a reliable vehicle under $3,000 for our sweet family and we have found just the one! It’s a 1999 Honda in great condition and lower mileage for the year.  This vehicle will help her with so many things and make her next goals just a little easier to accomplish.
Back to the original story:  So when my grandmothers story went live the day after she passed her test, I knew that the timing was HIS!  What better time to debut the raffle of the quilt and what better purpose for the funds to go towards! The funds raised from raffling off the quilt that my grandmother pours her heart and love into will go towards the purchase of a vehicle for our family!  Our mom will then only have to pay back the remaining balance between what we raise and the cost of the vehicle. Please consider buying a chance to win this beautiful quilt!  Now’s your chance to help this sweet family!
Update:  The raffle is closed.

We sold 24 tickets raising $480.  The winner is Candace Harris!!  Thank you to all who entered and shared our posts!  Check out our facebook page to see some pictures of our sweet family with their new car.