In 2016, Grace Like Rain signed as a guarantor and offered rent assistance to 5 families, allowing them to move into homes of their own. Doing so provided them with the ability to take huge strides in creating a stable environment for their families.

Moving forward, we know that God’s plans can only get bigger.  The 3 bedroom home shown above can be built for around $40,000. Within the plan for the Grace Like Rain Community Village, our initial intention is to build 8 of these units and surround one community home. The community home will function as the gathering place for the eight families and their corresponding volunteers, bringing a new meaning to “it takes a village.” Allowing our families to grow and build together while being supported by their volunteers provides a built in support network, necessary for future growth and success.

Ideally, we would love to have four, 8 family communities on one property. Thirty two families would then be given the opportunity to start fresh.  These families would be given an affordable housing option along with education, mentoring, and community to help them start fresh.

To reach this goal, GLR needs 10 to 12 acres to build the Community Village.

By March 2017, we need:

  • $160,000 – down payment on the land
  • $4,000 in new monthly partners, to allow monthly payment on land

In 6 short months, God has brought 43 monthly partners at a total of $1,740 monthly plus 1 church partner at $700 a month, bringing our total to $2,440 a month. We ask that you prayerfully consider joining our team to bring the vision of the Community Village to life.

JOIN OUR FAMILY by becoming a monthly partner, increasing your current monthly gift, or giving a year end gift to Grace Like Rain! Together we can fulfill the vision God has given us!