This year, 2020, Grace Like Rain has:

  • Assisted 440 families with COVID rental and utility needs
  • Housed 25 families
  • Prevented 26 additional families from becoming homeless through our Case Management Program
  • Served 66 families with transportation and childcare.
  • Hosted 24 families in our emergency shelter, The Wheeler House

As we continue battling these unprecedented times, Grace Like Rain (GLR) wants to remind you how important community funding and generosity is at this time. As more layoffs occur and more families exhaust their reserve funds, the government aid to help these families is decreasing, and rental and utilities moratoriums are ending.

CARES Act government funds that have kept GLR families and so many community members struggling with job loss, poverty, and homelessness afloat during this time of need will end on December 31st. 

To learn more about the future of these funds and the detrimental effects of COVID on the Denton County community, visit this Denton Record Chronicle article.

The long-term effects of this pandemic have impacted low income families in more areas than just job loss. One of our GLR clients’ stories demonstrates this perfectly.

Passion, worked in healthcare and did not lose her job but was unable to work because she says that school was the “babysitter” for her young twins at home. Passion explains that GLR, “eased her burden of paying rent or wondering if [she] would be able to pay rent” during these challenging times.

Check out Passion’s full video here

The gap in governmental funding could be detrimental to so many families with similar stories who are relying on these necessary funds to get by. To address these needs, GLR is asking YOU to Grace the Gap, and help us enter 2021 with a strong foundation to continue assisting those who are suffering the effects of this pandemic. During End of Year Giving, GLR aims to raise at least $50,000 in preparation for the year to come.

These funds could be utilized to:

  • Help 20 families with monthly rental, utility, transportation, and/or childcare assistance
  • Fund 3-4 GLR program staff for an entire month

As GLR grows to meet the need, our dedicated staff and their long-term relationship and mentorship with our families becomes increasingly important. In a time where community contact and in person relationships has become challenging, fulfilling the community aspect of our organization remains more important than ever. GLR continues to safely provide community, support, and mentorships to our families however we can during these difficult times.

We urge you, the community, to join forces during this time and give whatever you can to help GLR fill this ongoing need. Your generosity is more important now than ever. Help us meet our $50,000 goal in funds or sign up to become a monthly giver to provide us with much needed stability this 2021.

Every dollar matters, and please remember that even if you can only give a little – a lot giving a little goes a long way.

~Michelle Conner, Grace Like Rain Founder and CEO