Major Funding Cuts Affecting Families

A Denton Family Story 

Today, we want to share with you story of 2 young girls whose mother is deceased. These 2 sweet girls have been living in a car with their father. The nights are cold, and the days are long in the car, especially as gas prices rise. This single father has been doing everything in his power to move his family forward in the face of grief.  He has sought out grief counseling through a local ministry, he is actively interviewing and pursuing work.  GLR/GH have connected him with a community partner who is providing a short term stay at a hotel, but time is running out. With the government relief dollars no longer available and short-term help winding down, this father needs you!  He is a member of our community and has faced tragic circumstances, yet he is persevering in hope of a better tomorrow for his two daughters.  Will you step in to provide a lifeline for this young family?  Your gift of $50 can help provide shelter and safety for them today. 

How You Can Help 

Join us on March 30th and 31st as we raise $15K for families with stories just like the 15 we are sharing. 

Please pray about how your family can give financially over the next 15 days. 

  • Give to the 2-day 15K for Families campaign. $25 or more multiplied by many will get us these funds. Join a community of people to impact the lives of many! Facebook Fundraiser
  • Join us as a monthly Grace Giver and Hope Giver at $1 a day. Give $1 a day! 
  • Provide a match to this campaign. Email
  • Join GLR/GH as an Annual Partner. Become an Annual Partner
  • Contact us if you have access to rental properties that might assist our families. Email