As our Virtual Gala approaches in only five days, Grace Like Rain is reflecting on the ups and downs of 2020, and what Dancing in the Rain really means to us. After being founded in 2016, we have experienced so much growth in such a short time, always reminding us of the huge need that we are filling for families fighting homelessness, joblessness, and poverty.

As many of us know, these issues have only worsened with the effects of COVID 19 on our communities. Adjusting to this crisis has been tough, but the continual support from our generous donors and community members has allowed us to quite literally continue dancing through the rain, storms, and disasters of 2020. While it saddens us that there are now so many more in need, it brings us hope that there are also so many more stepping up to help.

We could not be more grateful for your generosity, and we have faith that more needs will continue to be met this year as we increase and grow our outreach. Our partnership with Giving Hope allowed us both to reach more community members than would have been possible during this time. And after setting a record amount in donations on North Texas Giving Day, we know that our upcoming gala will continue to raise essential funds for the families and individuals we provide for.

We have seen God’s grace demonstrated in so many ways throughout 2020, and while we continue to navigate these uncertain times, we want to always stay true to the meaning of Dancing in the Rain. We cannot get caught up in the chaos, but only continue to adjust, adapt, and pray for better. Grace Like Rain has quadrupled in the number of families assisted in the last 6 months, and our staff has over doubled and is continuing to grow. The growth we have experienced during this tumultuous time has allowed us to help so many more, and we continue to aim higher and seek permanent solutions for the families who need them.

As rates of displaced families and homelessness increase, our CEO Michelle Conner reminds us that we are not fighting houselessness – but homelessness, a loss of family and community. Grace Like Rain is striving to provide a long term holistic solution for the families we work with, and we have faith that our community and donors will continue to help us achieve this.

Through our Case Management, Shelters, Life Skills, and COVID Relief Assistance programs, Grace Like Rain is currently helping 320 families in seeking this long term solution. To help us continue our journey of Dancing in the Rain during these unprecedented times, please register for our virtual gala, named in honor of this valuable message. We are aiming to set a record amount in donations at this event as well as we continue to help more families than ever before.

All proceeds from this auction will go directly to Grace Like Rain to continue helping these families and more.

Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for continually giving us hope. And thank you for remembering to Dance in the Rain.