College Clinic

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College Clinic gives the individual an opportunity to discover what long term goal they want to pursue when it comes to their career/work life. They are encouraged to Dream and maybe even experience Hope. They will meet with certified professional Career Coaches/Consultants after taking assessments, whom can help guide them to a career path. Once a path has been discovered, the individual is then paired with an educational guide who walks with them as they transition towards accomplishing their goal.

This is a space where you can discover who you are and learn more about your professional career goals! You will meet with a certified professional Career Coach/Consultant from various colleges, who wants to help you find your way to your specific career path. Once a path has been determined with the help of the Career Coach/Consultant, you are then paired with an educational guide who walks with you as you begin working towards your goal. If you think college may be your next step then let’s get you there!

Please note that in between the morning and afternoon career coaching sessions, TWU will have their Financial Aid Reps at Serve Denton to have a small presentation and be able to answer some of your questions!

If you are a Grace Like Rain or Giving Hope family, then please go to this link to sign up.

To get involved and volunteer at this event, please go to this link.