Dear Community Partner, 

Thank you for your support, involvement, and contribution to steadily increase the impact of Grace Like Rain. Through our partnership, we have grown and adapted to provide long-term, relational case management services to hundreds of families throughout Denton County in established programs called Rise with Grace Case Management, Housing and Relief, and Life Skills. 

Now, our next dream is on the horizon: the Love First Community Housing Development and Capital Campaign. This will be the largest project we have taken on as an organization. After years of preparation, research, pre-development planning, and the incredible generosity of a philanthropist who provided 16 acres of land for the development, we are now in the initial stages of preparing for a capital campaign. 

Love First is a project that God put on my heart from the beginning, and as the CEO I recognize that I must dedicate my passion and vision to this long-term mission as Grace Like Rain continues to grow. Therefore, I will step down from CEO and take on a new role as the Chairman of Development on the Grace Like Rain board to play an integral part of the Capital Campaign for Love First. 

Effective June 1, 2021, John Montoya, our current COO, will step into the role of CEO for Grace Like Rain. John served previously as a Grace Like Rain board member and has been our active COO since September of 2020. His experience as a Director of Financial Capabilities at United Way, and CEO of Habitat for Humanity for more than three years, makes him the perfect fit for this role. It has been an honor and pleasure working alongside such an incredible leader, and I know he will continue to lead us through our next stages of growth with wisdom and strategic impact. I am excited and grateful to have such a strong team at Grace Like Rain, and eager to see what lies ahead. 

I began Grace Like Rain to fill an unmet need in the community. But it was you, our generous community, who made it possible for us to fill this need. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to you for your continued support and faith in our cause. Thank you!

Michelle Conner