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January 24, 2020

DeLuna Family Testimony

We LOVE to hear the testimonials from families in our program! The DeLuna family has been with Grace Like Rain for a while and wanted to share a small part of their testimony of how God used our ministry to bless their lives. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pGfqBHPk9I
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January 5, 2020

Never Going Back

Have you ever been through something or had an experience in your life that you never wanted to relive again? I can be the first to raise my hand on that question. I spent 10 years in college and each year I was poor, praying…
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December 12, 2019

2019 Year in Review

2019 has been a year of extreme highs and extreme lows but in each and every moment, I have been able to see God’s goodness. In every situation, I believe it truly is about what you choose to focus on that makes that story. Since…

Homeless and unemployed I wanted to build a new life for myself and my daughter. I enrolled in the Grace Like Rain program, where I found my new home and the support that I needed to set and achieve ambitious goals. No longer worrying about where we was going to sleep each night. I began focusing on my goals with the support from my case manager. She helped me put my goals into perspective and I'm so grateful for that. Sometimes, when I felt deeply sad, depressed and angry they would always say "you are not alone". It took me about a year to finally realize that the GLR wasn't the enemies. That I can let my guard down being around them its almost as if everyone becomes so intimate and intertwined with each other thoughts and emotions that they become one, a single unit, A FAMILY. At that point in my life I knew it was time to transition, embrace change and thrive. I had no idea where to start. Change your habits. Change what you read. Change how you talk to yourself and others those was some of the ideas I was giving by my coach. Being apart of the GLR family made me feel safe. I realize that you don't have to be rich to be happy. Instead you're happy because your unconditionally loved, cherished, and accepted. The Grace Like Rain made me feel all of those things. -QB

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As a teacher at a Title I school in Texas, I saw the devastation in many of my students’ lives as their families struggled. Whether it meant not having a consistent place to call home or being separated from their loved ones, it always meant hardship. How can you function in school or work, when you’re worried about your basic needs being met? My family decided to partner with Grace Like Rain because they are committed to being a loving place where families in need can receive the assistance they need. Whether it’s finding affordable housing or helping with rent, providing childcare so parents can get to work, transportation assistance so kids can go to school and parents can go to work, budgeting assistance - Grace Like Rain provides it. They listen to the needs and invite the body of Christ to come along and help support the families they serve. We are committed to supporting Grace Like Rain through volunteering our time and being a monthly donor so that Grace Like Rain can continue to spread the love of Jesus in the community. “We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19 The Martin Family - Garrett, Elizabeth, Rylan, & Lillian

September Volunteer of the Month
June 20, 2019

VISION: Love First Childcare

CHILDCARE We have seen a huge need for childcare among the families we walk alongside. A family needs childcare to go to work and/or school so that they can provide for their family. The cost of childcare is incredibly for many of our families.  Grace…
June 20, 2019

VISION: Love First Family Housing

Grace Like Rain realizes that a family stuck in the cycle of poverty or homelessness needs a safe and stable place to call home.  It's really hard to focus on anything else, without a place for your kids to sleep at night.  By addressing the…
June 20, 2019

VISION: Love First Community House

The Community House will be the central point of the entire Love First Community.  It will be a place where families can gather and share meals and entertainment together. Also a place to learn and grow together.  Our prayer is that this house will be…
June 20, 2019

VISION: Love First Community

The Love First community will be a place where affordable housing meets community. A place where families will find the hope and support that they need to help break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. The community will include a Community House and gathering space,…