Life Skills
August 24, 2016

Something Bigger than Yourself

I used to think community was more of a formal clique. I figured that those people chose to be together and support each other because they were friends and since it’s so hard for me to make friends I’d never have that community support around…
Family Corner
August 19, 2016

An Answer to Prayer

This is what it all about! Things just got a little easier for our sweet family! GLR is very grateful for a donor who gave the money to make this possible! Our mom will be paying it back without interest in payments that she can…
Ministry Updates
August 19, 2016

Family Picnic

On July 30th, GLR hosted our very first family event!  150 of YOU came out to learn more about GLR and what we are all about.  You also helped us raise $1200 through the raffle and silent auction items.  We were humbled by the success…
Ministry Updates
August 10, 2016

The Next Chapter

God has used me and many others in this area to officially start: Giving every mom and dad a family to turn to when they need help! In this post on my personal blog, I started mapping out several of the times in my life that have…
Volunteer Corner
August 2, 2016

Using our Talents for the Lord

Annie Smithson has been an avid and talented quilter for years, bringing much enjoyment to friends and family who have long appreciated the warmth, love, and beauty in each design.  She explains below how she has used her God-given talents to provide a means for…