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Michelle Conner



Oversees the day to day operations of the ministry.
Listens to a struggling family and hears their needs.
Invites God’s people to be available to families in crisis.
Equips God’s family to provide practical support without judgement.
Encourages others to seek the benefits of a relationship with God and His Church.

Katey Billings
Chief Operations Officer


The Chief Operating Officer oversees Director of Family Care, Intake Coordinator, and Director of Resident Care. This will include overseeing the management of family cases and care, overseeing new and developing programs, as well as overseeing the housing programs. The COO is responsible for managing the Family Case Managers, and will be their direct contact. The COO is responsible for the people and resources that will flow out of the organization.

Kara Kirkley
Board Chair


Susan Cousins
Office Manager


The Office Manager is responsible for office administration and organization to ensure organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and safety.

Angie Millner
Volunteer Coordinator


Establishes teams of volunteers willing to help in various areas. Yard work, clothing closet, drivers, cooking classes, budgeting, events, gardening, and babysitting, etc. She organizes opportunities to volunteer and create events and scheduling based on the needs outlined by the facility manager and program manager.

Shelly Cullum
Donations Coordinator


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