Major Funding Changes Affecting Families

Family Trauma 

Tori* had been forced to grow up too soon.  In her early 20’s she was facing the responsibility to care for her two teenage siblings after their mom passed away.  Now Tori was playing the part of mother, father, and provider.  

They ended up living in a car when they were evicted from their home. The world seemed too big and too difficult to manage at her young age.  

Street Outreach Team Located Family 

Our Street Outreach team located her and her siblings in their car and offered to meet their basic needs and provide short term emergency housing through a community partnership.  This provided them the immediate safety that was needed to begin to put their lives back together.  

Face of Homelessness 

The face of homelessness exempts no one and children are often gravely impacted. Can you help us to support families like this one so that they can bravely keep moving forward? Our goal is to get them into permanent housing and provide supportive case management throughout their journey of grieving and healing. 

How You Can Help 

Join us on March 30th and 31st as we raise $15K for families with stories just like the 15 we are sharing. 

Please pray about how your family can give financially over the next 15 days. 

  • Give to the 2-day 15K for Families campaign. $25 or more multiplied by many will get us these funds. Join a community of people to impact the lives of many! Facebook Fundraiser
  • Join us as a monthly Grace Giver and Hope Giver at $1 a day. Give $1 a day! 
  • Provide a match to this campaign. Email
  • Join GLR/GH as an Annual Partner. Become an Annual Partner
  • Contact us if you have access to rental properties that might assist our families. Email