A Denton Family Story

Living in a tent for years….. 

This couple has been interacting with our Street Outreach team for several years. The team has infused hope and built trust. This couple is experiencing what is termed “chronic homelessness,” which means they have been homeless longer than 12 consecutive months. Debilitating health issues and a past criminal history has limited their ability to move forward. One of these clients does work part time, but the little income brought in goes to purchase basic necessities and does not amount to enough to get a month in a hotel and is far from getting them approved for an apartment. The other client is unable to work due to debilitating health issues.

How We Can Help

They desire to move forward, but the situation seems to be stuck in a holding pattern or what is called “the cycle of poverty and homelessness” by our agency.  Will you join us in bringing hope and provision to this couple so that they can leave the tent behind and get a solid roof over their heads?  

How You Can Help 

Join us on March 30th and 31st as we raise $15K for families with stories just like the 15 we are sharing. 

Please pray about how your family can give financially over the next 15 days. 

  • Give to the 2-day 15K for Families campaign. $25 or more multiplied by many will get us these funds. Join a community of people to impact the lives of many! Facebook Fundraiser
  • Join us as a monthly Grace Giver and Hope Giver at $1 a day. Give $1 a day! 
  • Provide a match to this campaign. Email
  • Join GLR/GH as an Annual Partner. Become an Annual Partner
  • Contact us if you have access to rental properties that might assist our families. Email