A Denton Family Story

Shaylene* experienced extreme setbacks due to the pandemic impacting her and her family last fall. She lost her job and her car (means of transportation) was repossessed. She was down and discouraged, yet she chose to stay strong for her preteen son. She reached out for help and our team was able to get her an emergency stay through a referring partner organization.

How can We Help?

She began working for a temp agency on a long-term assignment, but it is taking some time to catch up on payments and her emergency stay was coming to an end. There are COVID impact dollars if a client has recently experienced COVID, but these terms did not apply to Shaylene even though she had experienced a devasting impact last fall. She is facing homelessness. Let’s come together and help Shaylene move forward….COVID has impacted so many families and lives.  Please give today so that Shaylene can finally move on from these impacts and have a safe space for her and her son. 

How You Can Help 

Join us on March 30th and 31st as we raise $15K for families with stories just like the 15 we are sharing. 

Please pray about how your family can give financially over the next 15 days. 

  • Give to the 2-day 15K for Families campaign. $25 or more multiplied by many will get us these funds. Join a community of people to impact the lives of many! Facebook Fundraiser
  • Join us as a monthly Grace Giver and Hope Giver at $1 a day. Give $1 a day! 
  • Provide a match to this campaign. Email
  • Join GLR/GH as an Annual Partner. Become an Annual Partner
  • Contact us if you have access to rental properties that might assist our families. Email