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Major Cuts in Funding Affecting Our Families — Day 1

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Major Cuts in Funding Affecting Our Families — Day 1

Our Impact on Families 

Grace Like Rain (GLR) relies heavily on the generosity and support of our community to serve the families that need it.  

During COVID-19, government funding was increased and accessible to GLR and Giving Hope (GH) to assist the families we serve with homelessness prevention. Homelessness Prevention allows us to keep a family stabilized while implementing our Rise with Grace case management program.  

Within our Rise with Grace program, a family meets with a case manager and a coach to set goals and work towards achieving those goals. The individualized, relational, and long-term aspects of our Rise with Grace program allow the family to truly begin to implement changes that will stabilize and transform their families’ life by breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness.  

Changes in Funding 

Over the last 2 years, the COVID 19 housing dollars have allowed us to assist many and to focus our internal dollars on support services such as transportation, childcare, relational case management, mental health, etc.  

Unfortunately, GLR and GH were informed last week that government funding qualifications have changed, effective immediately. Because of this change, many of our families that are on the path towards stabilization and transformation will be negatively impacted right now.  

A Denton Family Story 

Our Street Outreach (SO) team met a young mom with 2 sons who moved here from another state to find access to better jobs and affordable housing. She was hoping to provide better opportunities for her children. She immediately secured a job and was staying with a friend until she could save enough to obtain housing on her own. Unfortunately, because of falling out with the friend, they lost their housing and our SO team located them after they had been sleeping in their car for 2 weeks. Mom continued working and the boys continued attending school the entire 2 weeks of homelessness. GLR/GH secured a week hotel stay through our partner, Bedtime Rescue and then a month through government funding. 

Unfortunately, the funding changes will not allow us to extend the stay for this family.  

GLR/GH believes that she is on her way towards housing, stability, and transformation. Extending this family’s stay in a hotel will allow us the opportunity to move her towards Rapid Rehousing with a partner agency and/or internal Rapid Rehousing and then potential ongoing transformation through our Rise with Grace program. 

This is one of the 15 immediate stories we have heard and experienced with our families. 

Why We Need Your Help 

This shift in government funding is truly alarming to GLR and GH as our Street Outreach team has already seen an increase in the number of families with kids experiencing literal homelessness.  

In January, they saw 15 new and unduplicated families with children sleeping in their cars or in other places not meant for habitation. They met an additional 14 in February. Access to government funds is and has been extremely helpful but unfortunately, they come with restrictions that can slow down the process and as you can see, they can change with little to no warning. Government funding is available for agencies on the front end of startup or the front end of an urgent issue/emergency such as COVID 19. But as you know, the war in Ukraine has a global impact and the government can and will divert funds for these situations. 

This is where we NEED you, OUR COMMUNITY!  

GLR/GH have 35 years of combined experience serving families experiencing homelessness. We have a continuum of care between our Street Outreach, Housing and Relief Programs, and Rise with Grace programs that we can work with families to transform their lives. When we do this with community support, GLR/GH is equipped to work through the process quicker and with a lot less restrictions.   

How You Can Help 

We NEED your financial support and prayers. The families need you.  

GLR/GH can help a family stabilize and begin to transform their lives with financial support for housing of $6,500. With GH/GLR individualized case management this will take 3 to 4 months as compared to $16,800 and 6 to 9 months it would take to just stabilize with solely restricted government funds. Over the next 14 days, you will hear 14 more stories of families that need our community.  

Then on March 30th and March 31st GLR/GH is hosting a 2-day funding drive to raise $15,000 to help us stabilize families like the 15 stories you just heard.   

Please pray about how your family can give financially over the next 15 days. 

  • Give to the 2-day 15K for Families campaign. $25 or more multiplied by many will get us these funds. Join a community of people to impact the lives of many! Facebook Fundraiser
  • Join us as a monthly Grace Giver and Hope Giver at $1 a day. Give $1 a day! 
  • Provide a match to this campaign. Email
  • Join GLR/GH as an Annual Partner. Become an Annual Partner
  • Contact us if you have access to rental properties that might assist our families. Email